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Toshiba QoS

Posted by Jason Hower

I have been involved in a recent project aimed at updating a QoS implimentation for VOIP using Toshiba IP phones.  What is interesting about this project is the difference in prioritization needs between legacy IPT2000 phones and the newer 5000 phones.

The previous implementation was composed of the following class-maps:

class-map match-any voip
match ip rtp 16384 167  - Media channel for TDM RTP/RTCP port range 16384-16511 UDP
match ip rtp 20480 511 - Media channel for NAT RTP port range 20480-20991
match ip rtp 20992 3583 - Media channel for IPQSIG RTP port range 20992-24575 (only needed for IPQSIG trunks)
match ip rtp 6400 1791 - Call control channel StrataNet/IPQSIG 6400-8191 TCP
match ip dscp ef - DSCP tagging by phone system see Toshiba CTX programs FK[03] (enable), FK[04] (DSCP), FK[06] (46), FK[08] (Voice), FK[11] (High).
match access-group 106 - Calls access list 106 Read More


New Website

Posted by Jason Hower

Welcome to the Lone Wolf Networks, LLC website.  This website is the information portal for various projects the engineers at LWN are involved in.  Sometimes we learn something new that might help other technology professionals in the field.  Think of this website as a glorified brain-dump.

The information found here will cover many different topics from networks to gadgets and more.  Anything of a technical nature that we find interesting may find its way on to these pages.

Happy engineering!

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