VMWare Vcenter Appliance Install Stuck Stage 2

When deploying VMWare VCSA in a lab environment the installer often gets stuck at stage 2 starting services. In my case, starting authentication network 2%. This seems to be an issue with VCSA wanting to verify the SSO domain through DNS resolution.

The solution for me was to create an entry in the hosts file of the VCSA appliance through SSH to the CLI. Before doing so, it is best to start from scratch. Delete the partially deployed VCSA appliance. Deploy VCSA through Stage 1 but do not enter Stage 2.

Once Stage 1 is complete and the VM is booted, SSH can be enabled by accessing the console of the VCSA machine, hitting F2 and enabling SSH. Alternatively, one can use the Alt+F1 method to access the CLI directly through the console.

Log in with your root account and once you have access to the CLI, type:

Command> Shell

Once you have access to the shell, type the following:

root@photon-machine [ ~ ]# echo “::1 localhost.localdom localhost” >> /etc/hosts

One can now either continue on to stage 2 from the installer or connect to the machine on port 5480 (for example https://x.x.x.x:5480)

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  1. Also what you can do is change the DNS on the console, if you’ve already started stage 2, update your DNS with the correct entries (mine where Windows DNS) and change the DNS entries via the console as my initial deployment was set to DHCP. Once I correct fixed the DNS issues, the installation continued. It is not hung, simply waiting for name resolution to continue – doesn’t seem to be a time-out on that step either

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